About Us

Michael Parkin Michael Parkin is the guiding force behind MPA and a recognised talent in the professional world of New Zealand architecture. A member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects, Michael moved to the Hawkes Bay after stints at some of the country's largest commercial firms and running his own practices in Christchurch and Gisborne.
MPA offers architecture, building design and project management services. Known for his collaborative approach, Michael brings a client-based focus to assignments and specialises in: 
  • Eco design (including the use of natural and sustainable technologies and materials
  • Project oversight (from high-level supervision down to sign-off on nitty-gritty details).
  • Empathetic and innovative design.
  • Practical and logical focus on meeting budget and time specifications. 
Having designed and built two homes of his own - including the award-winning One Orange in Gisborne - Michael has an intimate understanding of the process, and a passion for creating residences that can truly be described as 'dream homes'.